Finished Dining Room

It has taken a while to get here, 9 and a half years to be exact, whew.

The dining room was the very first room we took on when we bought the house.  There wasn’t much to repair and we thought it would be an easy start.  But, as anything in these old houses, once you start unwrapping a project, you discover all the hidden delicate issues underneath.  In this case, it was the old wallpaper adhesive that has kept showing up.  In Victorian America, people wallpapered everything, including ceilings.  The wallpaper covered old plaster and cracks easily and fit with the trend of over the top loud embellished decor.

However, when in removing old wallpaper in our home, whether it was our removal or the previous owners, the vintage adhesives stayed in place, like a nice little tacky sealant on the plaster.  Covering those with primers and expecting them to adhere to newer plasters and acrylic paints is tricky business. But, we repaired the dining room ceiling first back in 2009 before we did the walls, windows, and lighting.

And then, we redid the ceiling again, two years later.  Finally, we realized we’d have to give in and start putting sheet rock on all our ceilings to keep from redoing them every two years.  This was a smart decision our end, and we put up sheetrock in 2 bedrooms upstairs and the family room downstairs.  In a few weeks, we will also put it up in the hallway downstairs.

Finished DiningIn the meantime, to cover the ceiling in the dining room, Bill decided to take the sheetrock a step further, and he coffered the ceiling, which I revealed in this post.  In truth, the edges need to be finished on the coffering, but it is minimal work at this point.

So. . . we have completed the room and finally found some chairs we like.   That is a whole other story.  Antique chairs were too small, and modern chairs are built with less integrity, so it took us a while.  Finally, the clearance rack at Pier One gave us the right option.  It is odd that I chose light chairs, light carpet and drapes with a small boy in the house, I know.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.


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