60 West Main is sold

With mixed feelings, we are letting go of our dear Victorian Home.  We have spent almost ten years here, and it will be just over ten by the time we move in July.  It has been a blessing to be in this house and care for it, to bring life back into it, and release the house of the dust and creaks.  It has truly been home, and I will miss it terribly.

On the front porch with our realtor, thinking about the purchase.

Within about 2 days on the market at the end of March, the house sold.  We are so grateful to have buyers who seem to love it as much as we do, and we feel it will be in good hands for the next chapter of its life.  But, we are letting go of it with a little heaviness.

This is the home we came into after our honeymoon.  We signed our contract to purchase it 2 days before our wedding and moved in when we returned.  We learned about working together in this home, taking on projects that both of us endeavored together.  We experienced our first crazy 300+ trick-or-treators Halloween in Bainbridge in this home. (Realizing quickly we didn’t buy enough candy and that we might as well stay on the front porch).  We brought our baby home to this house, long before his room was even ready, and it is the only home he has known so far.  We lived with our puppies here, built furniture here, planted gardens here and rested here.  This has been our sanctuary and safety from the world and has made our family better.  Letting it go is anguish; but not letting it go means that we cannot move forward into the next chapter.

It is time for us to move and find a new sanctuary, or create one together.

We are searching and I will post here where we land.  Perhaps it will even launch a new blog.

4 thoughts on “60 West Main is sold”

  1. I just knew your house would sell fast! I have been following you since almost the beginning and have watched and marveled as you made the house your home. I hope you will continue to let us share in your journey. Best wishes to you all!

    1. Thank you so much Denise, so kind of you! I am hoping that we will find another treasure like this and I will certainly share our journey here.

  2. You did a beautiful job polishing our old house. Thanks for sharing and glad you got to enjoy the house as much as our family did. Great success in your next journey.

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