Guest Room Part One

So, after a long writing hiatus, I’ll post briefly to let you know that we’ve started on our guest room.  It was my studio since we moved in, which I have adored.  The light in this room is stellar, although it is the smallest bedroom.  We’ve decided to make it the guest room, because it will be used the least and I could use more space for setting up long term painting projects.  We have the perfect furniture for it that we purchased from family friends in Missouri a few summers ago — turn- of- the -century Parisan bed and armoire with a mirrored front.

Since it took us a few weeks to know where to start on the house, we did several things all at once.  Removing the border and painting the closet in the small room was part of that.  So, the room looked quite distressed for several years, before we finally took the whole thing apart this July.

Removing border back in 2009

We’ll have several guests this coming fall, so we want to have the room in order in the next few weeks.  As of now, we’ve been able to finish the walls and they are waiting for paint.  Bill will put in crown moulding this coming weekend along with a new ceiling fan and electrical outlets.  We’ll debate on whether to refinish the floor right now or hold off till spring.  Since we want to do it like our room, the oil finish takes about 6 weeks to cure well and we don’t have that kind of time or weather.

Hopefully, I’ll post again before another year goes by. 😉

Studio setup in 2014

Enter to Win a Painting!

IMG_4654With Facebook’s “no contest” policy in using their business pages; I thought the next best place to post this drawing contest was my own blog.  Granted, I don’t write about my painting here, but this is a personal space that Bill and I keep up on journaling our home renovation.  Feel free to subscribe or read as you wish to  We started this as a way to share our progress on the house with our families.

So, it is August, the month of a “painting giveaway”.  To enter the drawing for one of my pieces, please comment in the blog below.  To be entered twice in the drawing, share this post somehow, someway. . . . either on FB, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on Tumblr on your own blog or send it to some friends in an email.  Let me know how you shared it in your comment.  At the end of August, I will collect the names and enter them in a drawing, pulling one out randomly.  I will post the winner on the FB page, on Twitter and here in the comments of this blog post.  Course, I will also contact them in person. 😉

The painting to be won is one of three 12″ x 12″ pieces below.  These have all been completed in the last year, and they are on cradled wood panel, so ready to hang.  All are high gloss finish with a protective varnish.  The winner can choose their piece.  I do all of my work in acrylic, just fyi.

Good luck to all!

Porcelain Ocean    Broken Shell

Porcelain Red

Always moving in

It does feel that way, like we’re always moving in.  I continually move some boxes of books from closet to closet and every once in a while, consolidate or unpack one.  When we find a new piece of furniture that we like and purchase, we then reorganize whatever room it will reside.

This week, I purchased a small dresser for $25 and loads of books, my shopping weakness.  I also found a roll top desk for Bill, which thanks to my parents visit . . . we purchased and moved into the library.  Thanks mom and dad.  It needs a little work as some of the laminate is peeling, but it is very clean and already usable.  Considerably better than the cheap drafting table we had in place for Bill.  I’ll get my own roll top soon once we refinish the oak one waiting in the basement.  However, it needs a whole season’s worth of overhaul first.  With the move of the new desk, Bill reorganized a few tidbits and I shelved books.

The small dresser I found will be repainted and used to store platters and table linens.  I might line it with cedar, too.  For the time being, it will be a hallway dresser with a little light, creating a nook out of the downstairs hall.  I’ll post photos when that project is complete.

Bill also rearranged the basement this week as it is pellet season and we bought four tons for winter heating.  That sounds like a lot, but it saves us thousands of dollars in oil which we would otherwise need.  The only downside to the pellet stove is the weekly cleaning and fan  noise it makes, which isn’t much considering its heat output.

This upcoming week, I’ll be painting in the studio and completing another Peter Rabbit piece for Will’s room.  Hopefully by Christmas, I can hang at least three of them, if not all four that I have planned.  Bill is working on the mud room right now; posts to come on that project.
No pics for this post, but more to come. . .

My Studio

Earliest picture of studio

In many cases we have forgotten to take really good before shots, and instead found ourselves creating semi-before shots during the first steps of cleaning out. This is one example. My studio had a country white paint-able border at the top and the doors were partially painted blue. The walls, like the nursery, also were sand painted to cover cracks and the floor is an absolute disaster. We aren’t planning on working on this room for a while, even though it will likely be a quicker job than some rooms simply because of the size. But, we did start in here actually. We took down the hideous border and left an atrocious glue and paper stained one in its place. I also primed the closet, just to clean it up enough to use and then I primed the blue on the doors to cover it a bit. But, I actually don’t mind the look of the studio, now that I’ve hung oddly green semi-velvet curtains and put in a white rug. It’s homey and cozy for me, and it gets great light. I feel better in a smaller space, believe it or not, and this is just perfect right now.

Don’t you like the country kitchen light?

As it is right now

The plan is to make this the guest room and my studio the front green room, which I’m debating about.  I would love the space and I LOVE those front windows, but this small back room is cozy.  The front green room will likely be the very last project we ever do, when we’re 80 and the house is falling apart in every other way.  It has a lot of work and it is large, and we want to work on so many other things in the house first.  So, it wouldn’t be hurt to have a little more paint on the floor and lots  of nails in the walls for hanging work in progress.  Again, we’ll see how things unfold.

Rooms you’ve not seen. . .

Entering from the front door

Since the master bedroom saga will be ongoing for a while, I thought I would show you a tour of some of the rooms we haven’t yet shared.  Rooms that are way down on the list of getting in order.

The house has four main rooms downstairs and a half bath, and four bedrooms upstairs and a full bath.  Out of those ten rooms, we’ve completed three (the library which we haven’t yet revealed) and we’re onto our fourth, the master bedroom.

Cherry staircase

The hallway, however, is quite large in itself, and very intricately designed with cherry paneling and woodwork all the way through to the second floor.  Once the floors are done and the ceiling replastered, it will likely be the most spectacular part of the house.  I intend to stencil it quite delicately as well.

The living room is nothing special right now, though completely usable.  It’s got an old coal fireplace, which we removed and replaced with a stove for optimum heating.  Currently, its painted an odd red color, but in fine enough shape that we live in it comfortably.

Upstairs hallway, showing doors to the master bedroom on the left and a guest room on the right

We’ve shared the dining room already and the library, or parlor, is yet to come.  Lastly, downstairs is the kitchen and butler’s pantry.  Though it might be a while before I’ll have new cabinets, its still a comfy working space and brightly lit.

Upstairs, besides the master bedroom, we are using a back bedroom for our own, and there is a second guest room.  The smallest bedroom is my studio for now, and I hope to keep it that way.

Our bedroom. . . for now

Bill thinks I should take something larger, but I really like the crowded space for studio work.  I’m not one of those people that likes to spread out.

Looking at my studio from the doorway

Lastly, the house has a full basement, which is currently Bill’s wood shop and paint storage.  It runs a bit damp, and a little too dark for my taste.  But, we’ll eventually make it more usuable and even add a wine cellar if we can get that far.

At some point, we’ll have to discuss the garage, too.  It has held treasures of its own, considering it has its own attic and is larger than a normal one car.  Way off in the distance will we be able to work on it.

The more I write, the more I realize how much there really is to do. 🙂

Front guest room, waiting for company