And a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I can’t believe that another year has flown by in our house on West Main.  This is the longest that I have lived anywhere since I was 18 and moving out of my home in Clemson, SC where I grew up.  I’ve moved every 2 years since then and sometimes more.  But I still love and adore this house, awestruck at the idea that I not only get to live here, but also to care for this place.

Bill has been knocking away at the “mud room” entrance on the side.   It might end up being the classiest “room” in the house once he is done.  He is such a wood-working perfectionist.  🙂  I love it.  Recent pics of his work below.

And me?  Well, I’m painting the babe’s pieces, finished two and they are hung.  Three more to go and the back to stenciling for me.   I’ll show those later when they are all hung.  And maybe a tour, yes, I know I still owe you all that at least.

Our YouTube Channel

Shortly after Will was born, Bill and I began taking video of him doing amazing things.  And, once I received my first mother’s day gift, an iPad, I began filming all the time.  I think I’ve filmed him doing something new every week at this point.  So, while this is not particularly about our house, this is our YouTube channel, a vlog, if you will, of Will.  🙂

Journaling or scrapbooking a baby’s life is so 2009, isn’t it?  So, this is my current plan, to continue to video Will’s life and upload regularly.  You can subscribe or simply catch the highlights if and when I post them here.

This sample video is a few weeks old, just before Will started walking.  Some of these are taken on Bill’s phone, too.